The Utility Billing module allows you to track meter readings and calculate charges for usage of water, electric, gas, and other utilities. If you’re still using spreadsheets to track and calculate utility usage from meter readings, and entering the charges into TOPS to bill back to your homeowners, then it’s time you take a look at the Utility Billing module with these great features:

Utility Billing

  • Fully integrated with the unit owner’s account and the general ledger in TOPS.
  • Enter meter readings manually or import a meter reading file (eliminating the need for                        spreadsheets and dual data entry), apply sales tax and other service fees, and print invoices              from one easy to use module.
  • Handle all types of billing with four methods with which to calculate utility charges to your                  property owners: Single Rate, Tiered Rate (Tiered Net), Highest Rate per Usage (leveled                  charges), and Fixed Amount.
  • Track owners’ history by usage and utility charge amounts, and generate invoices for utility                 usage.
  • Apply miscellaneous fees for service charges, taxes, interest, and other utility related fees.
  • Print reports for utility usage by utility or a combination of utilities.
  • Utilize the special Import and Export feature to interface with 3rd-party utility software.