Maintenance Manager - Maintenance Company Billing Module

MaintCo enhances the TOPS™ Work Order System by combining all of the communities in your portfolio into a global maintenance system. Manage the maintenance arm of your management company with integration to TOPS™, or manage your maintenance company with the standalone version of this program.

MaintCo provides the following benefits:

  • Import owner and association data from TOPS Professional™
  • Track work for associations, owners, or non-managed customers.
  • Select the location of the job site, add a description of the work, and classify the work for                    reporting.
  • Assign work to internal employees or outside vendors. Proposals may be generated and sent to       customers prior to the start of the job.
  • Maintain a maintenance worker schedule to assign work to employees and set up schedules for        work to be done. This allows multiple employees to be assigned to one job and to schedule their        time over multiple days.
  • Bill in multiple ways. You can bill the homeowner directly, the community directly, or bill an                  owner’s community account.
  • Allow multiple employees to charge time to one work order.
  • Use the phone messenger to promote phone calls to work orders.